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Welcome to Global Gateway Consultancy. 

We specialise in providing bespoke consultancy services for those wanting to invest back in Africa and the Caribbean.

Our team of experts have developed a strong international professional network, insights and resources necessary to help investors navigate the challenges and mitigate risk they may face in these regions. 

Our goal is to help our clients succeed in investing, while making a positive impact on the communities they invest in.

Read more below to see how we started.


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Get to Know Us

Global Gateway Consultancy was established primarily to cultivate connections, address and alleviate concerns of the African diaspora when investing in Africa and the Caribbean.

Our venture commenced when founder Paris-Nicole Phillips, alongside co-founders Adisa Lekuwa and Dexter Andrews, British born individuals of Caribbean descent, embarked on journeys throughout Africa and the Caribbean. Through these travels they built relationships and gained profound insights into obstacles encountered by the African diaspora community when endeavouring to invest in their homelands. Common challenges range from financial loss and employment uncertainties to safety concerns and language barriers, as well as a lack of familiarity with legal processes.

Recognising that the African diaspora require sound guidance to initiate and navigate investment and fulfil their desire to relocate to Africa and the Caribbean securely without unprecedented complications, we set out to streamline these complexities through our consultancy.

Our mission at Global Gateway Consultancy is to transform the perception of investing in Africa and the Caribbean. We are positioned as the gateway for forging robust connections and facilitating collaborations that are mutually beneficial across continents.

Contact us today to learn how we can support your investment plans.

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